We rely on technologies that help save our clients’ time and ours as well. Every value added in our applications requires an individual approach of the most convenient tools and procedures. Therefore, innovation is an integral part of working on each of our projects.

Java EE

The Java EE platform is a basic foundation stone for most of our applications, which allow no compromises in the area of their performance, safety and maintenance. Pursuant to the principles of SOA, we usually append the scalable application logic of EJB/JPA (Hibernate) with the WebServices or JMS interface types. There are robust RA connectors being used for an integration of external systems and other data resources, and a standardized JMX interface for the supervision of the application functionality in supervisory centers.


The development of our solutions is aimed at modern internet applications; therefore, XML is one of the formats we support both during the display of the content (DHTML, XSL, XSLT, WML) of the WWW or WAP pages and during the exchange of data between applications (SOAP, SOAP with Attachments, JMS).


We stay on the cutting edge of technology by creating interactive WWW presentations and tools like AJAX library JQuery, Flash, Actionscript, CSS styles and PHP language, which let us implement even the most encouraging and creative ideas presented by our clients. Our clients can then utilize the integrated AARON CMS for the administration of content.

Aplikační a webové servery

Most often, we operate the applications in the enterprise solution categories on the application servers JBoss and Glassfish, or within the frame of the Tomcat container.

Databázové systémy

Data are usually the most valuable elements and therefore we entrust them into the administration of tested and reliable database systems like Oracle, Informix, MSSQL, DB2 or Sybase. Largely we also utilize the solely open-source solutions of the MySQL type. For specific projects, we then use the native Java embedded databases.

Operační systémy

Our applications reach optimum capacity at the company's infrastructure based on operating systems like Oracle Sun Solaris, (Redhat/Fedora) Linux and Microsoft Windows Server.

Our Technology Your Success