Accessibility statement

AARON GROUP Web sites strive for the maximum accessibility of their content and functionality. The sites are designed with regard to the Czech Rules of Creating Accessible Web (Pravidla tvorby přístupného webu). They comply with the main accessibility principles according to WCAG 1.0. The layout and content structure has been created using structural XHTML. Visual presentations have been created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


All posted texts are defined in relative units, and their size can be freely adjusted using standard Internet browser tools (Ctrl + scrolling the mouse wheel in Internet Explorer).


The Web sites also include a CSS style for a print version. All pages can be printed without any restrictions using standard Internet browser tools (the default printer icon in browser’s navigation bar or File – Print in the menu).

Contact to webmaster

Should you have any problems regarding access to the content or functionality of this Web, please contact the webmaster on

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