WebWalker for automated application tests

Automated tests improved:

automatics tests improved

Do you experience similar feelings as Sisyphus when you repeatedly test your applications and software? Do you think you test thoroughly entire application but eventually some mistakes appear anyway?

Does your software testing cost you more your time, energy and does manual testing requires bigger and bigger part of your budget? Does it sometimes happen that some parts of your application, which haven´t been tested, cease to work correctly even if those parts are unchanged?

effective tool for automated testingAARON GROUP offers you the WebWalker tool for automated web application testing, that allows you to test software and application at significantly lower costs. WebWalker secures functional application testing, regression testing as well as performance testing.

The advantages of automated testing

  1. Lower cost of human resources
    Simple, fast and repetitive way of running automated tests significantly reduces the cost of testing as well as increases savings for individual testers.
  2. Verifying the correctness of key figures
    Due to a simulation of user behavior, it can be easily tested whether presented figures are the same in various places in your application.
  3. Tracking and context evaluation
    WebWalker contributes to the context evaluation between figures presented in different places in an application and allows you to prevent business loss.
  4. Linking to internal Key Performance Indicators
    Figures indicated by WebWalker can be linked and compared to internal Key Performance Indicators and those which do not meet the requests are highlighted.
  5. Improving quality and reliability of providing services
    Implementation of automated web application testing secures required quality of the developed system and reduces the risk of application failure in the production environment.
  6. Close cooperation with Quality Assurance manager
    Automated web application tests, tracking and evaluatione of application availability secures the quality of delivered application and supports the QA process.

Are you looking for a tool for automated testing and has our product WebWalker attracted your attention? Please, contact us for further information.

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